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i used to have a collection of about 10,000 names on my old old 286, back when i wrote stories and kept very detailed character profiles along with first, middle, and last names. i guess it all started back when i was in fifth-grade (do i hear an epic coming on?), and a teacher brought in a book of baby names to tell us what our names meant. or maybe it's because i grew up hanging out with friends named sharon and alexis and ariadne and sadhna, and heard "that's so pretty" about my own name many a time from many a person.

one would have to be pretty obsessive to keep a list like that, and though i easily qualify (agreed?), i gave up on collecting names when i was in high school and no longer writing (m)any stories. i began collecting names again several years ago, and i thought maybe others would be curious to see some of the names i have archived. hopefully, this list will keep expanding and serve as an informal database for anyone who is interested. feel free to send any corrections or additional names and definitions to add to the lists.

finally, a little disclaimer: these lists will never include every name in the world (as that would be impossible), i do not do this professionally, and please do not take it personally if your name is not on these lists. i do not have the lists memorized nor can i promise to answer any request for information or research on a particular name. the lists are currently going through a major update, but it's a slow process... stay tuned - it will be worth the wait!

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